Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what lies in front of me

In the last week I have been as happy as anyone can be.
I made a fool of myself walking down my boyfriend's street with a jig in my step and my bra in my hands, all the while creepy lady was watching me, judging me--but did I care... No.
I had to run to the grocery store for my dad and realized that I am that crazy girl that talks to herself as she is running through the store. I find that talking to the products leads me in the right direction.

Then, I went to the lake and had what I would consider to be an amazing time, though I took the backseat to actually "doing anything" (so much for my exercise) because in the first round of skiing the boat ripped the rope out of my hand, low and behold my arms are still killing me. Good thing it was the end of the season. I took this picture at the lake and it reminded me of how incredibly fast my life is going. It is just a blur, as miraculous and instantaneous as a shooting star. It makes me realize that I need to live in the moment as opposed to living for what could be. I need to be content with the fact that the future is in a twilight zone of confusion and I have it pretty good even if I can be a little cranky at the wrong moments, my friends will always be there for me, my boyfriend is... so inexplicably amazing, and a family that I'm pretty sure people would pay to mimic.

Thankfully all is well in boyfriend-dome, but making friends has been a real challenge.
I watch my lovely room mate come home from her frat meetings and it makes me sad that I have no clubs or anything I can join because either nothing interests me, or the things that do conflict with other things I have to do. Plus I have church things once a during the actual week (twice here shortly) and I just don't want to be missing out on the college experience when I am finally happy with where I am at. Though I have friends in my major now, so maybe those lovely people will end up being life long friends considering I am sure we'll end up in classes together between now and graduation.

Anyhow, my idiosyncrasies make my life interesting, especially on days when you learn to fix the brakes on your own bike, and act as your own handy-woman

Ta-Ta for now, K

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