Monday, November 30, 2009

Fat Crush

Have you ever wondered why fat people keep getting fatter? I am inclined to think that despite the fact that they may not eat poorly, the fatter you get, the less easy it is for you to move around. I am saying this because I noticed the pine sol lady from my childhood has gained some weight. One might think she'd say to herself "perhaps I should try to lose weight because I'm on television" but no, she continues to gain weight. I, by no means, am saying that being fat is something I look down on, I just wonder what gets people to that point in their lives.
Is it relationships or not being accepted? Or lack of self-confidence?
--In reality all three are related. In fact, in regards to relationships many women gain weight when they've found love, yet some, such as myself, tend to eat less. It's like our bodies tell us what to do subconsciously, and we do it inevitably.

On a different note, the ghosts of crushes past keep coming back to haunt me. Matt came back the other day and started acting all flirty, and it made me angry for whatever reason. Calling me chica and acting as though he can talk to me like I'm single. It bothered me.


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