Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crying; Brain Function in Essay Mode

Do you ever have those moments that just make you want to cry?
Lately I've been feeling sorta lonely because its been over a week since I saw my boyfriend, and in reality I'm okay with that, and really can function on my own. However, during this time any thought of him manifests into me longing for his company. I dream about the things we could be doing, and for that matter, should be doing and it makes me sad.
Thus, when he answered the phone a few times this weekend, it nearly brought me to tears. I think I might be too sentimental for my own good, but it's really not such a bad thing. The crying can be therapeutic, and really is just a reflection on how much a care. Perhaps I care too much, but the crying likely won't cease anytime soon.

On a side note, after writing what seems like a billion words worth of essays this quarter, my brain has officially turned into a machine. As I'm writing this blog I'm editing the "is" 's, yes we must eliminate the passive voice. I think create and write "manifest" or think of all the words that I could use in place that make me sound smarter. I think of what words fit best at the beginning of the sentence for transitions... Additionally, Ultimately, Thus, So, Therefore, Though, Similarly, However--the words are endless. I must say, perhaps has become my new favorite word i.e. Perhaps Dracula nearly draining Lucy of her blood further exemplifies this fear—symbolically, as Lucy loses more blood she becomes less human, and therefore less English. I love the word Perhaps. Would you like a dash with that sentence, or a semicolon?

Perhaps this blog entry is over; perhaps it is not.


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