Monday, December 14, 2009


Moments pass by us in this world instantaneously, as soon as a moment comes, it passes us by.
Today I remembered how glorious living life can be. How surprising a moment can be; and in that surprise you awake from the mundane. My goal is to live my life to its fullest; sometimes, we forget that as each day ends, we lose the ability to regain more time. Often I complain "there is never enough time"-- what if there is enough time, we just aren't using it properly. We waste our lives on the internet, watching TV, being bored. What if we just got up, got out, interacted--whether it be with other people or with a book--as long as it adds to the value of our lives. I am amazed at how often I find myself being bored, but maybe my DNA is engraved with laziness that prevents me from seeing the billion things I could be doing as opposed to lazing around. Living life with a purpose, so when people look back at my life, they'll remember me for my activity--what I did, not what I chose not to do.


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