Friday, January 29, 2010

Blame it

I Blame it on Fox news... the loss of hope in this country.
It isn't Barack Obama's fault that all of his promises haven't completely come through, in essence it is the failure of congress to work together. Me, a die hard democrat, would be willing to sacrifice my figurative place in office to pass legislature that is controversial. When did our congressmen start caring more about their positions in office than getting legislature passed that is vital to the survival and growth of this country? When did the public stop mattering? What I fail to understand is how a health-care bill that, mind you, wouldn't do anything positive or negative for me, can be portrayed as the bill that will end all bills... Fox news has paid a large contribution to why every republican, closed minded, and intellect-impaired person doesn't approve of the bill. Everyone blames the president--complaining that he hasn't fulfilled his promises. Wake up people, in a mere year, Barack Obama has done as much as he could to push his agenda, but it hasn't been easy.
I am scared that people won't realize how vital this moment in history is to the future, and our country will continue to worsen despite good intentions. Not the future we imagined as kids, egh?


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