Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Points

Clearly writing hasn't been top priority for me lately with school starting, but here it goes (again).

January has been hard and easy--but mainly it has been a month bringing a winter wonderland that I simply can't get enough of. I catch myself everyday looking towards the mountains that are usually beautiful, but are currently extravagantly extraordinarily snow covered. I long to be there, not here away from the calm. Perhaps because the snow brings to life everything that is good and perfect in the world. It makes the complexities that lie at 1500 feet seem more and more insignificant as we draw closer to the sky. I'm not sure if there are two people on this earth more at peace and happy in the snow than my boyfriend and me; it is hard t explain what the snow does to us. Similar to Lorelei in Gilmore Girls, the snow is magic. Someday we will find ourselves living in a secluded cabin high enough for it to cover our driveway, and on that day, we will be ecstatic. It's nice to share a dream with one another--here's to the future, for there will be many more winter storms to come.


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